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NCE Latest Updates & Best Practices

In this webinar, our experts will answer your questions on NCE and will explain how you can turn all NCE changes into opportunities for growing your business.

Free NCE Webinar: Your questions answered

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) is here and everyone is talking about it. Do you know what it means for your business? In this webinar, and Microsoft join forces and they are answering the most critical questions for the NCE transition in a panel discussion. Benefit from the chance to feel the industry’s pulse and listen to questions by businesses like yours.

The Evolution of Cloud Services: What Does the Future of Cloud Look Like?

“The future isn’t up in the air – it’s in the clouds.” As cloud services, cloud distribution channels and cloud demand from consumers evolve, so do the challenges for IT Sellers. They too must adapt to a constantly changing environment to make sure they shift focus and invest in the right competencies and technologies according to the stage their company and markets are in. By continually assessing your organization’s existing maturity level, you can take the necessary action to transition to the next level of cloud transformation.

Broaden your security portfolio and start selling Acunetix!

On this 30′ webinar, Miltos Antoniadis and Juliette Buisson shed light on the security integration of the platform with Acunetix, providing a short partner program presentation, an end-user presentation and a sales demonstration.

How a nonprofit enables global impact – Shruti Ramaswami, TechSoup

For more than 30 years, TechSoup has been dedicated to connecting NGOs to much needed technology, resources, and education to better achieve their missions. To date, we’ve reached over 1M NGOs around the world as we support their digital transformation and strive to help them increase their impact on some of the world’s most pressing issues. Learn how TechSoup partnered with Interworks to launch and scale their Microsoft CSP program worldwide, providing NGOs around the world with access to critical technology to serve their communities

2020 Virtual Summit

Participants in this Virtual Summit were treated to glimpses of a tech-driven future: from scenario planning to navigate future corporate strategy, through tailoring marketing approaches to the new realities, to how tech and AI can help oil the wheels of economic recovery and combat Covid-19 itself. The summit tackled key strategic choices too – with speakers stressing the importance of pressing hard on the pedals of innovation and transformation despite the tough times. It also looked at societal questions – like how tech can help NGOs and offer all people brighter futures. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can watch the recording at any time.

The power of ecosystems : Could culture sharing be more important than product features?

Enjoy a 30-minute panel discussion with Martin Thormeyer, Product Manager at COSMO CONSULT and Matthias Neumann, Pre-Sales Consultant at VAS (Value Added Solutions) our Country Partner in Germany.

Explore the Marketplace

Whether you are a CSP, an MSP or an Independent Cloud Service Provider, this is the place for you! Join us on this upcoming webinar and learn everything about how you can grow your business exponentially with your own custom branded marketplace. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can watch the recording at any time.

Beat your competition and learn how to grow fast in the CSP program!

Get a deep dive into various stages of your cloud business growth! Our team of experts will be showcasing tips to help you be a leader in the CSP program, with the platform!

Βecome a top Distributor in the CSP Program – create your own cloud ecosystem

Watch this FREE webinar and learn from our team of experts the easiest way to create a fast-growing cloud ecosystem. There is no limit how big your ecosystem can be. You set the limit! Get a deep dive into the platform. The #1 choice of CSPs all over the globe!