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5 Steps to Import your Existing Customers & Subscriptions to the platform

Have you recently purchased a new automation platform? Are you spending already too much time connecting your Microsoft Partner Center with the platform and importing your existing data?

Make a purchase with NCE

Watch how you can make a purchase with Microsoft New Commerce Experience in your own custom-branded marketplace.

Applying Credit Limit to your customers

The easiest way to apply Credit Limit to your customers with the platform. See how they will get notified when they exceed it and what can they do to complete an order

Suspend or reactivate a subscription with NCE

Watch how you can suspend or reactivate a subscription with Microsoft New Commerce Experience through the platform.

Leverage the Acronis Cyber Cloud integration for Cloud Distributors

Register new Acronis CSPs, automatically populate your catalogue with the commitment tiers, execute orders and automatically create Acronis Cyber Cloud Subscriptions and invoices, from one single platform.

Create and Manage Product Bundles

Learn how you can easily bundle subscription-based products from various Vendors and ISVs with your own managed services. Your customers will have a single subscription but they will be able to manage each included service separately.

Offer your Dropbox services through your custom branded marketplace

Using our integration with Dropbox, you can offer seamlessly your products in your own marketplace, taking advantage of the fastest customer experience

Managing your G Suite Products from the Marketplace

A great pain for all G Suite Resellers is Subscription Management. With the platform you can handle effortlessly your G Suite Subscriptions, add new users, assign them with services and let the platform handle the provisioning automatically

Ordering a G Suite product from the Marketplace

Through the marketplace of we let you order a G Suite product, either for an existing or a new customer, automatically!

Automatic Catalog Update for Microsoft Products

Microsoft updates its catalog by adding new products or discontinuing old ones, every 1st of the month. By running the Get Services Definition, all catalog changes will be applied to your system