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The Platform: Success Coach For Unlimited Client Satisfaction For Microsoft CSPS


As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) your function is to be a client’s goalkeeper when transforming its data to the cloud. To do that, you’ll need a team that’s working for your interest. Therefore, when developing our Cloud Platform (the platform), we made you, the cloud service provider, our stakeholder. To surprise you with a result above expectations we formed a team that will be there to support you in covering your clients’ needs. Since we see our aim to perform above expectations as top sport we’ll explain how our platform will function as a champions team to fulfil your needs as our most important stakeholder. We proudly present you our line-up:

The platform: success coach for unlimited client satisfaction for Microsoft CSPs 1

Striking for fulfilling the customer’s needs: CSP provisioning


With multicloud being the future of cloud management, you’ll need a large range of cloud services to offer to your client. In order to optimise their interactivity and co-function you’ll need an administrators’ dashboard. Our solution to make sure all cloud services are working together smoothly is CSP provisioning.

The marketplace, which is fully adjustable to your brand, provides a wide variety of Microsoft-based cloud services such as Office, Azure and Dynamics. For clients that want to integrate SaaS and/or DaaS applications, we also provide solutions such as Acronis or any other software you want to offer to your client.

Our platform enables you to provide to turn these IaaS and SaaS solutions into a hosted environment. This is helpful for your client and also for you since these hosted services are an opportunity for you to gain more business. So, with our strikers to count on, you’re sure you’ll score, whatever the clients’ demand is.


Our midfield to make sure that customer satisfaction is safe: CSP automation


Once you’ve shown your client that all his needs will be fulfilled you want to be sure that the best service is delivered. Therefore, you’ll need an overview of activities and user-friendly solutions. Our CSP automation, built in our platform as well, will provide you with just the options you need to optimise customer satisfaction and efficiency of your activities. We have developed this interface (again designed on demand according your brand identity) for users to easily increase or decrease the number of Microsoft-licenses needed each month. When using Azure, the usage data is automatically administrated and of course there is an easy way for your clients to create helpdesk tickets. However, this CSP automation is not only a huge support for your customers. Your business will be more efficient as well since you can adjust the providers. Once edited to the platform, new suppliers are directly in business. Of course, by widening your product range once again you’ll create more earning options for yourself. Furthermore, you’ll be able to make sure all business reports needed can be provided, either for you or for your clients. Besides that, your clients can keep all customer data in our integrated CMS-system just as you can use it to keep track of all your clients. Hopefully you’ll imagine the first shapes of ‘teamwork’ in our offer by now.


Our ruthless defenders of your business results and growth: CSP automatic billing


Of course, you want to make customers happy. Happy customers are more likely to bring business so our defence line is ruthless in defending your business opportunities. When using the intergration platform, you’ll be able to detect opportunities for cross-selling and extending your business by providing hosting solutions. Furthermore, the billing process is automated, so no need to check and doublecheck all manually operated administration to make sure you don’t forget to invoice services used. With pushing one button our platform will provide a specified invoice that’s accurate. We’ll be there to defend your results and billing.

The platform: success coach for unlimited client satisfaction for Microsoft CSPs 2

The goalkeeper: the platform


To keep performance of your cloud service partners and your customer satisfaction you’ll just need to login to the platform. That’s also the place to be when you need a clients’ back-up or technical referral. Finally, you’ll find our support plans to get help or provide help to your customers. Therefore, we are convinced that our platform is the most trustworthy goalkeeper you can find.

The platform: success coach for unlimited client satisfaction for Microsoft CSPs 3

Our main stakeholder and biggest fan to come: YOU!


As every team we work for the best result to keep our stakeholders happy and make them enthusiastic to tighten the relation with us. Therefore, we want you to be our main stakeholder and intensify our relations. Let us persuade you with a free demo or learn our practices by reading our case example of the support we provided to Computer Gross.




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