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The Platform For Microsoft CSPS Got Awarded By The Business Intelligence Group

The platform named 2016 Case Study of the Year by the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) received the Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business and was named 2016 Case Study of the Year. The organization’s annual program was launched to reward companies, products and people that are leading their respective industries. platform for Microsoft CSPs got awarded by the B.I.G

The platform is a tailor-to-fit solution to the needs of MSPs, ISVs and Microsoft CSPs, as it has been originally designed to serve large TELCOs.  A telco-grade solution, offered as an online solution with a monthly subscription, unlike similar solutions that offer a perpetual licensed based model for cloud services. With the minimum upfront investment in the cloud market, platform provides the ultimate playbook for customer onboarding, while being delivered in just a week’s time. The above unique selling propositions, along with the solution’s technical characteristics, are giving the decisive advantage that makes sales numbers boost! Automated cloud services provisioning, automated subscription billing engine, CRM, cloud ticketing system, Business Reporting tool- along with a custom branded marketplace- leave customers with no option but to increase productivity and reduce costs. The platform helps them manage subscriptions, billing intervals, trial periods, invoicing, pro-rating, promotions, notification plans, taxation and payment in an integrated system. ISVs’ wise, the platform with its open APIs, enables them plug their own cloud solutions into catalog, thus adding end-to-end automation to their solution quickly and easily. By automating their processes, customers testify remarkable time savings per month for their sales and support team, thus increasing overall productivity. In addition, using their custom- branded marketplace, customers achieved significant increase of their sales volumes and trial conversions, empowering their clients to start selling cloud services on a 24/7 basis.

Check the award winning case study here

“It’s a great honor for to be the winner of the Case Study of the Year award from the Business Intelligence Group this year.We feel extremely proud, as this accolade derives from an amazing on boarding journey along with the RISC IT Solutions’ team! The great matching of our solution to our customers’ pains is reflected through this Case Study and proves to all Microsoft CSPs that they can increase productivity in a weeks’ time and move to a new cloud era. Our cloud experts are passionate about disrupting the Microsoft CSP market worldwide. I would personally like to thank RISC IT Solutions once again for their trust. We continue our hard work to help all our customers lead the cloud business. “ Apostolos Karakaxas, VP of Customer Success

“Differentiation is a common theme among many of our winners, and we hope that trend continues,” said Russ Fordyce, Managing Director of the Business Intelligence Group. “Modern companies are now relying on their customers for inspiration and direction to improve and launch new products. We are so proud of all of the winners this year. It is truly a select group.”



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