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Success Stories

There’s nothing as revealing as a real-life case study.

Siewert & Kau Microsoft Direct CSP – Germany

quote-sign icon_violet offers an app store, with an intuitive look and feel, that provides our customers with 24/7 access to our cloud services. Our aim was to enable our customers to make full use of the platform right away. In addition to automatic invoice generation, we very much appreciate the platform’s internal reporting tools which enable us to track the utilization of our cloud marketplace.

Altitude 365 Microsoft Direct CSP – Sweden

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The customer self-service tools in the marketplace along with many other automated back office functions make our day-to-day business run smoothly, without the need for lots of manual input.

Computer Gross, Microsoft Indirect CSP – Italy

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As in all important projects, people make the big difference. Working with made us feel like we were dealing with an internal department. The relation is very straight and personal. When there is an emergency situation you are not just a customer or a number and always does its best to resolve issues immediately or reduce the impact. This gives you the confidence and the feeling of real customer care. also listens carefully to customer needs and does its best to improve the platform every day.

MicroChannel Microsoft Direct CSP – Australia

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Since implementing the platform, MicroChannel has decreased its annual invoicing costs by $11.000. These funds can then be plowed back into its business. They have also seen the time spent each month on managing billing, reduced by two days. MicroChannel has increased its overall productivity by an impressive 20% as a result of using the automated business processes provided by the platform

Risc IT Solutions Microsoft Direct CSP – UK

quote-sign icon_violet’s automated business processes have contributed to an increase in our overall productivity. Our teams are no longer restricted by repetitive administration tasks allowing them to channel their energies into building stronger relationships with our partners. In turn our partners can develop their own cloud business, drive efficiency and be more responsive to their customers’ needs.

ADN Microsoft Direct and Indirect CSP – Germany

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The Marketplace functionality is an excellent solution for providing cloud services to our partners


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