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Siewert & Kau Microsoft Direct CSP - Germany 1

Siewert & Kau Microsoft Direct CSP – Germany


success story

In an nutshell

Siewert & Kau, an established German hardware and software company, now offers its extensive reseller network a cloud platform solution that helps them to transition from traditional distribution channels to a modern cloud-technology approach. By adopting the solution, Siewert & Kau has transformed its business into a cloud-based solution, that is intuitive for its partners to use.


Their story

Founded in 1994, Siewert & Kau anticipated the transformation of distributor roles. It differentiated itself as an advanced ICT operator, managing the increasing added value being provided by reseller channels. The company operates in several European markets, with sites in Bergheim/Cologne, Berlin, Braunschweig, Halle, Lippstadt, Munich, Paderborn, and Butzbach—in Germany; Hengelo in the Netherlands; and Premià de Mar/Barcelona in Spain.


To be a cloud enabler, helping its partners through the cloud age

To enlarge its service portfolio

To focus on key revenue drivers

Business Challenge

Addressing their businesiess must-haves

A leading German IT service provider, Siewert & Kau has been a Top-10 German distributor since 2010. To ensure its partners and companies can always benefit from the latest technology, Siewert & Kau aims to offer cloud automation solutions that can be easily integrated with existing ERP systems and processes already in place as part of existing service life cycles.'s important role


After taking a decision to further automate and expand its Microsoft-Cloud-Services delivery channel for its reseller network, Siewert & Kau chose to fully integrate’s solution. The company chose the flagship Cloud Distributor Solution, enabling it to handle the high transaction volumes from its established partner network, and support future expansion. The project was implemented using a phased approach, ensuring a seamless transition to the new model, and helping manage and reduce the issues that often arise in complex projects.

The first phase was completed in November 2017, with the support of customers’ orders through the platform. The second phase saw a specific segment of Siewert & Kau’s partners brought onto the platform, the activation of Siewert & Kau’s online portal, and the deployment of the first integration deliverables. Phase three was delivered in February 2018, with the system becoming fully operational for all Siewert & Kau partners, and the integration elements fully deployed.

By leveraging an own-branded marketplace for cloud services—powered by the platform—Siewert & Kau enhanced its resellers’ user experience, and achieved a significant increase in revenue and productivity. Additionally, the platform helped the company provide partners with more advanced tools to improve the processes for subscriptions, automated provisioning, billing, and invoicing of cloud services. Making use of the platform’s open APIs, Siewert & Kau was also able to integrate its existing ERP system into the platform, enabling processes to be standardized—while maintaining business continuity.

During all phases of the implementation, VAS Value Added Services GmbH (VAS),’s German country partner, offered valuable support. As a trusted business partner, it ensured that the needs of Siewert & Kau were fully met—in the timelines required.


their success

By using the platform’s automated business processes, Siewert & Kau raised overall business productivity by over 40 percent. proved its effectiveness in a large business setting, with some 500 employees and 12,000 customers—all while increasing customer satisfaction and profits.

Siewert & Kau Microsoft Direct CSP - Germany 2 offers an app store, with an intuitive look and feel, that provides our customers with 24/7 access to our cloud services. Our aim was to enable our customers to make full use of the platform right away. In addition to automatic invoice generation, we very much appreciate the platform’s internal reporting tools which enable us to track the utilization of our cloud marketplace.

Andreas Müller

Cloud Business Lead, Siewert & Kau Service GmbH, Microsoft Direct CSP, Germany


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