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Automated, end-to-end reseller management

Empower your resellers to grow their network and expand your revenue stream with automated, end-to-end reseller management.

End-to-end Reseller Management in One Single Portal

Take your cloud business to new heights with the best-in-market multi-tier reseller management experience. Offer your resellers the most advanced tool for automation and monitoring of cloud services, increasing revenues and reducing churn.

Empower your resellers globally

Onboard practically unlimited resellers and create an extensive ecosystem. Support your resellers in managing their networks with state-of-the art tools and monitoring.

Obtain a complete overview

Get a full panorama of your resellers’ business with details on invoices, subscriptions, etc. Manage them easily from a single place and with one sign-in.

Be everywhere from one place

Onboard and manage resellers from multiple countries in multiple languages. Stop nowhere with multi-tenancy that gives you unlimited power in the same database.

Sell globally, offer locally

Sell in multiple currencies, apply country-specific taxation and different pricing rules, set credit controls and scale up your sales around the world.

See what works

The Reseller Dashboard provides you with an accurate, effortless and timely overview of your resellers’ networks. Check KPIs, see what works, and grow your success further.

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General Settings

Get meaningful statistical insights any time, such as monthly costs, account balance, overdue payments, subscriptions sold and many more.

Product Mix

See all the products purchased by your reseller at any given timeframe and visualize them easily with relevant charts.

Historical Costs

Go back in time with bar-charts on the monthly costs of the products your reseller has purchased. Use filters, see charts and plan for the future.

Subscriptions Churn

Review how subscriptions evolve by creating reports on almost any data set for complete control and visibility.

Latest Orders

Check the most recent orders placed by your reseller and find out what’s selling now.

Expiring Assets

Go over the assets that will expire within a month and take action proactively.

Expiring Subscriptions

Inspect which subscriptions are due to expire in the next month, be proactive and keep your business sailing without a cloud in the sky.

Empower your resellers, upgrade their business, and expand your sales channel

Upgrade your resellers to the Standard Edition now and provide them with valued autonomy to set up and configure their very own Marketplace. Through their brand-new custom Marketplace, resellers at the Standard Edition will be able to automatically view and manage end-customer subscriptions, automate order placement and cloud service provisioning, as well as to easily update product catalog and pricing. The Standard Edition will set you miles ahead of the competition as it helps you expand your sales channel significantly by:

helping your resellers increase the volume and outreach of your customer network and

by incentivizing new resellers to join the Standard Edition and grow their network.

With the all-new Standard Edition, reselling becomes more automated, efficient, and profitable for all.

Benefits for Distributors

Save time by easily onboarding your resellers.

Empower them with the Standard Edition.

Protect your cloud business by enabling credit controls and system notifications.

Have one single portal for cloud service, provisioning and billing.

Offer cloud-as-a-service to your resellers.


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