Extend your security offerings
with our avg reseller solution

An easy & automated AVG Reseller Management solution.

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What does the integration bring?

Distributors and service providers are in search of products that can be seamlessly combined with the distribution of productivity and email solutions, through their channel partner networks. The optimal scenario would be for these products to get automatically billed and provisioned through a centralized solution, that enables them to distribute multiple services together. The interworks.cloud platform solution is the ultimate cloud brokerage platform that allows you to provision, sell & bill various cloud solutions, quickly and effectively!

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The advantage of the interworks.cloud platform integration with AVG

avg reseller

Save money and time

Simplify all the procedures in the life-cycle of an AVG purchase. From importing and searching between thousands of SKUs, to delivering and managing AVG licenses for you and your resellers, you save valuable time in your everyday activities.

avg reseller

Increase your profitability

Get profitable and start earning alongside AVG, one of the biggest security vendors in the market. Enrich your portfolio and diversify the security solutions you distribute now!

avg reseller

Deliver licenses instantly

Enable your resellers to instantly and securely provide their end-customers with download links and receive emails with their licenses, right after their AVG purchase.

Integration Features

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Automatic ordering & provisioning of avg products

avg 5

Easy-to-use wizard for avg products purchases

avg 6

Fast product creation Of all avg skus with the product importer tool

avg 7

Easy invoice generation

avg 8

Utilization of asset management

avg 9

Instant receipt of avg licenses and download links through emails

Easy-to-Use Wizard

Ordering AVG licenses is performed through the Storefront’s ‘wizard’ feature. This way, we ensure that the selection of AVG products and actions is made seamlessly and easily for the customer.

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