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Our Actions To Minimize The Covid-19 Spread And Continue Business As Usual


Monday 16 March 2020| Interworks SA has proceeded with the implementation of an action plan with regards to the preventive measures needed for tackling the COVID-19 threat. With the rapid global spread of corona-virus, the company is focusing both on employee safety and on providing high-level services to all our customers.

In order to be proactive, we have already introduced some actions to minimize the Covid-19 spread and continue business as usual.

At first level, by

  • Giving employees accurate information on ways to prevent the spread of the infection, according to authoritative sources of public health such as World Health Organization(WHO).
  • Implementing measures to reduce the risk of workplace transmission. For example, public health guidance for reducing transmission includes ensuring that employees have easy access to handwashing facilities, hand sanitizers, stuff cleaning wipes and that public surfaces such as tables in meeting rooms or the kitchen area are regularly disinfected.
  • Suspending all business trips until, at least, the end of March and urge all the employees to do so in case of a scheduled trip for personal reasons.

Even more drastically, by

  1. Applying a Work from Home scheme for all employees, officially from March 10th.
  2. Parental leave exemptions for all working parents, during the period of closed schools.

Meanwhile, we are focusing on our readiness to provide the ultimate quality of services to all our customers. Our Support and Customer Success teams stay vigilant to manage your needs while the Sales and Marketing teams are all set for informing and consulting you concerning the new capabilities created during these challenging times.

While #StayHome may become a motto for all, we still need to remain productive. Let’s start this journey together.

#StayHome #WorkfromHome

Our actions to minimize the Covid-19 spread and continue business as usual. 1



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