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Office 365 Billing Automation

Office 365 and Azure cloud services can now be billed automatically, in a matter of minutes!

Billing automation is one of the most crucial and necessary hassles a prospective or existing 1-Tier or 2-Tier Microsoft partner has to face! Microsoft is very clear when it comes to the necessary prerequisites a cloud service provider has to fulfil in order to join the CSP program. The necessity of a billing system, to handle subscriptions, accept credit card payments and handle customer interactions for Office 365 and Azure Cloud Services, is one of them. In essence the cloud service providers, who provide their end customers with Office 365 cloud services, will need to have an automated billing functionality that will include purchasing, billing and provisioning capabilities while at the same time their end customers should be able to view and manage their subscriptions accordingly 24 hours 7 days per week. So, here rises the big question: Where should a cloud service provider turn to adopt a billing functionality like this one? He would need a cloud marketplace technology provider that would give him, among others, the competitive advantage to have total control over pricing and billing Office 365 cloud services.

The platform provides a robust billing functionality for the cloud service provider to handle his business. If we would like to take a further look to the module’s provided solutions, we should mention that the billing module is able to:

  • Set up your products plans with flexibility
  • Provide with add-ons and extensions
  • Set up trials for your customers to get the experience
  • Set up the pricing of your service plans, be it that it is recurring, one-off or metered.
  • Manage your customers subscriptions and have a full view of their subscription history
  • Invoice and handle payments automatically
  • Set pricelists for the various levels of partners
  • Associate contracts you have signed with your reseller network
  • Automate the notifications sent and keep your customers informed on their transactions and subscriptions
  • Have an overall view of your business finances
  • Accept payments through acknowledged gateways
  • Handle taxation
  • Allow you to export customer transaction data and import it in your accounting software

And how can the platform can give control to your end-customer or reseller? Well the answer is more than simple. The IT administrator clicks on the “Billing” tab inside your personalized amazon like marketplace and has immediate access to his:

  • Account Balance
  • Invoices
  • Subscriptions

Office 365 billing automation 1

Storefront’s “Billing” Tab

He can then click on a subscription and manage it accordingly:
 Office 365 billing automation 2

Storefront’s subscription management 

So don’t keep on waiting to find the right end-to-end solution to deliver Office 365 and Azure cloud services, because you just did!



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