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Provide Microsoft cloud services like Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM

Microsoft cloud services offerings like Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM are products that anyone, in tune with the latest cloud business trends, should offer. The “true cloud reseller program” as defined by Microsoft is here to stay.Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program, originally introduced to less than 50 countries, is now supported in more than 131 countries. Whether you are a Microsoft partner or not, becoming part of the CSP program is a must-to say the least, in order to stay tuned with the evolution of the Cloud Business.


What’s the rush you might ask? What if I wait and see first how the program rolls out and then decide to be part of it? Well, it’s not that simple. Since Microsoft released its CSP API, all its current and future partners are now able to have automated provisioning and ordering for Office 365 and Azure Microsoft cloud services, inside their own systems. That fact, had as an immediate result the program’s outburst and the wish to be adopted by a vast majority of cloud providers that already deliver Microsoft Cloud Services. Having that said, it is obvious that Microsoft partners are now being given what they were asking for years: The ability to bill their end customers directly and to cross sell their products and services, as far as Office 365 and Azure cloud are concerned. In essence anyone who joins the Cloud Solution Provider program can directly manage their end customer lifecycle. And how they can do that? By adopting a solution that will give them the competitive advantage to provision, manage and support their customer subscriptions.

Microsoft’s CSP program does not have only one type of a partner you would rightly point out! What are the differences? In which category should I fall within? Well, that’s a rather big and complicated discussion but in the characteristics of both partner levels are: 1-Tier Microsoft partner is the one who meets Microsoft’s requirements and order Office 365 seats on behalf of his customers, directly from the vendor. That type of partner should have the right billing tool, provide support, do the necessary integrations and of course be able to manage the customer’s lifecycle management. So, if you are a managed service provider and with an established clientele this is your exact fit. 2-Tier Microsoft partner however is a completely different case. In this category you will find a limited number of partners according to Microsoft,mentions the article by . The 2-Tier distributors or cloud distributors as they are being called, should already belong in the Microsoft Syndication Partner Program and they are handling any capabilities with the vendor themselves. Their end customers are comprised by the 2-Tier resellers. In that case the distributors are responsible for the billing and the provisioning, while in other cases they may offer support as well.

Offer Microsoft Cloud Services with 1

So the question remains: Where should you turn to find the ideal solution to deliver Microsoft cloud services and which is the best cloud platform to provide you with the end-to-end automation? The answer however is easy. You adopt the platform! The unified solution that integrates with Office 365 and Azure Microsoft cloud services. In summary its advanced features are:

  • A user-friendly white-label marketplace functionality with advanced Services Catalogue options, order automation and self-provisioning mechanism for IaaS and SaaS
  • Delivery of multiple product offerings and bundles
  • Support of different pricing policies to direct customers and resellers
  • Robust billing and subscription management to handle upgrades, add-ons or pay-per use and automate billing, invoicing and payments
  • Collaboration and management tools capable to handle promotional activities, customer renewals and loyalty programs
  • Business Reporting system to monitor performance
  • An integrated ticketing system that automates the workflow of customer issues
  • A reseller’s functionality service, by which your resellers can place orders for their end customers and be charged for their utilization.

And how can you live the platform experience? It’s easy you request for a live demo and a sales representative will contact you within the next 24hours. Contact: [email protected]



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