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O365 User Management With

Office productivity programs hold every organization together, from small-scale businesses to mega-corporations. For this reason, selling Microsoft Office licenses has always been straightforward.

However, with the global dominance of the cloud, even the office suite’s marketplace has been drastically altered.

Customers and resellers alike have new expectations, as SaaS platforms make buying software and the accompanying support more flexible. Indeed, 76% of customers expect Cloud Service Providers to understand their needs.

SaaS users do not have to consent to extensive license agreements. Plus, SaaS provides licenses to users and not only devices. This gives users complete flexibility and accessibility, wherever they are. Clients still use platforms and environments they’re comfortable with, which is why Microsoft O365 is amongst the most preferred cloud services in the market.

From a cloud service provider’s (CSP’s) perspective, there are many reasons one might want to adopt a SaaS platform. This is where the automation platform for CSPs comes in.

Why should Cloud Service Providers use the platform?

Total CSP Efficiency

Customers want to buy software without having to commit to extensive license time-frames. They want to be able to add or remove O365 user accounts when needed. With the platform, CSPs can provision Microsoft Office 365 accounts, as well as additional packages whenever they are required; inclusive of Office Professional Pro, Enterprise E1/E3/E5/K1, and Business.

This levels up customer experience, maximizing the efficiency of service providers and total team flexibility.

Increased Flexibility

Increased flexibility permits businesses to tackle complex billing schemes. Mutating monthly subscriptions are easily managed when dealing with fixed licensing, and this results in easy billing.

However, that changes dramatically when you switch to an on-demand system. There’ll be a consistent overlap of short-term and long-term service purchases and, if used with dynamic service uptakes, billing becomes complicated.

CSPs can boost their flexibility and scalability by utilizing automated billing offered by Users receive great customer service since all purchases are listed on one invoice.

What does offer in User Management?

Using the platform, resellers and service providers can easily manage their clients’ or their own Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, while enjoy a 2-way synchronization with the Microsoft Partner Center.  All users deriving from  the Partner Center shall be displayed on the grid and every new user created through the platform shall be also created on the respective portal. Resellers and service providers can save time and money by performing daily tasks through a single platform.

So, how can resellers manage users exactly?

1. Create Users

This is one of the most crucial processes for O365. For this reason, gives resellers the ability to create users and carry out core tasks, during the creation process. For example, resellers can add users and assign licenses to them.

Here are some of the capabilities when creating a new user:

  • Assign a role to the user such as UserGlobal Administrator or Customized Administrator
  • Assign available O365 and Microsoft Dynamics licenses.
  • Force the user to change their password on the first sign-in.
  • Send automatic email notifications upon a user’s creation, through platform.

O365 user management

2. Remove Users

With the platform, resellers can delete users. In the first version, resellers won’t be able to mass delete users. More options and bulk actions will be available in the coming updates.

3. Assign/Remove Licenses to Users

After selecting a user in the workspace tab, resellers can manage their licenses, meaning they can assign or de-assign licenses from the specific user account.

4. Reset Password of Users

This is one of the most common user management actions for resellers of O365. As a reseller, you can reset a users’ password, and ensure that the user will set up a new password on login.

Automate your options presents resellers with the opportunity to manage O365 users and provide them with a smooth, tailored experience. From creating and removing users, to managing licenses and passwords , the capabilities offered in managing O365 usage are extensive. To see how the automation platform can work for your organization, request a live demo here.



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