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Microsoft Electronic Service Delivery (ESD): Harness The Power Of The Platform And Maximize The Opportunities From ESD

What are the key words that spring to mind when you think of the digital revolution? There are plenty—but a big one is “instant.” Transferring money used to take days, but now it’s instant… a visa for that exotic holiday used to mean queuing at an office, but now you can do it online, in minutes. In a world where everyone is busy, consumers expect things to happen quickly, if not instantly…

You’re part of that digital revolution. You’ve built up a great business as a successful Microsoft distributor, and you’re a key player in a vital supply chain that’s delivering key software to end users. You’re probably part of the “instant revolution” too… using—or looking at—the Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) model that Microsoft has been rolling out to authorized distributors over the last couple of years; a model that enables you to deliver Microsoft software—from Office, through Project and Visio, to Windows—directly to end-users, entirely electronically.
Microsoft Electronic Service Delivery (ESD): harness the power of the platform and maximize the opportunities from ESD 1

It’s not really a question of whether it’s worth offering ESD: the benefits are clear…

 • download links and license keys can be delivered instantly—so no waiting for end-customers, who can get straight to work using the software.

 • your resellers can order at any time of the day (or night!) from anywhere in the world—so they can be selling 24/7.

 • it’s goodbye to boxed products—so no stock to hold, or packages to lose.

 • and, of course, it’s a real opportunity for you to get your revenues up—because your resellers can cross-sell and up-sell ESD products with other software and hardware.

In fact, it’s more a question of how to maximize the opportunity from this great—and developing—model for software sales.
The good news is you don’t have to scour the market for new-fangled ESD platforms trying to keep up with evolving sales models, or invest in time-consuming and risky in-house development. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, with years of experience developing Microsoft integrations, we’ve recently enhanced the platform to make sure it can seamlessly handle all your ESD needs.
Microsoft ESD by

By choosing us, your ESD business can tap into the well-established benefits of our award-winning platform:

 • An intuitive, online marketplace that can be localized in any language—up and running in days and available 24/7

 • Easy, robust, and automatic handling of invoicing and payments—turning saved time and effort into profit

 • Comprehensive onboarding and training for your team—as standard

 • Powerful back office functionality that provides vital sales intelligence and makes communications a cinch

And, in addition, you’ll be able to:

 • Update your storefront at the touch of a button with available software and the relevant prices and discounts

 • Take your resellers’ orders for Microsoft ESD products automatically and bill them as perpetual licenses

 • Easily check what licenses end customers own and their status

 • Confidently handle cancellation requests from resellers or direct customers

 • Better support your customers by letting engineers easily see what licenses they own and resend links or start a return process
By tapping into the power of our proven automation platform, you can centralize your CSP and ESD businesses in a single place, through a flexible and competitive pricing model. Sales and revenue up, hassle and complexity down—in an instant (well, almost!).


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