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Meeting all Microsoft CSP needs

Selling, provisioning and billing made easier than ever. Leverage the platform to streamline your business.


Built for Distributors, Direct Bill
Partners and Indirect Resellers

Tailored to your needs, here is the key to succeed in the Microsoft CSP Program


Turn Microsoft NCE challenges to business benefits

All the features you need to simplify operations and grow your business. Meet shifting demands, benefit from billing flexibility and provide a smooth customer experience.

Limit the business risks by offering multiple billing scenarios. Add an optional surcharge when needed. Control your network’s spending with credit limit allowance. Quickly identify non-payment issues and automate subscription suspension.

No more daily hustle! Automatically update your product catalog and pricing monthly with all products of Microsoft 365, Office 365, PowerPoint, and Windows 365, for all the countries you sell to. Define your commercial policies and publish your offerings on your Marketplace.

Forget the effort of configuring buying prices and recreating pricing models. Benefit from dynamic pricing for multiple market countries, in multiple currencies and multiple customer qualifications! Automate the process along with your added margins.

Concerned about customer commitment? Let your customers select their preferred payment plan. They can pay upfront or in monthly installments. And the best part? You can control which customers will be offered the monthly installments option.

Easily detect any discrepancies in the subscription status and the number of licenses, compare with Microsoft Partner Center records and improve your performance. This feature runs automatically four times a day and notifies you about your subscriptions’ health status.

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Automate and scale your Azure business

Bill and provision the new Azure Plan automatically by adopting the automation solution.

Cost management

Help your customers monitor, allocate, and optimize their costs. The Cost management tool provides your customers with visual as well as historical resource information of the Azure plan and the underlying Azure subscriptions.

Pricing calculator

Get real-time cost estimates! Synced with Microsoft, the Embedded Pricing Calculator includes all the available Azure modules and resources, enabling CSPs and their customers to calculate the cost of the provisioned services prior to purchasing, based on their dedicated Azure pricelists.

Credit Controls

Eliminate the risk of customers consuming Azure resources they cannot afford by setting up a credit limit, consistent with the financial capabilities of each customer. The Credit Control engine allows CSPs to limit non payment issues.

Detailed usage charges

Minimize frustration while increasing customer’s awareness over purchased services. The billing engine issues an itemized, consolidated invoice of all Azure services and resources at the end of the billing cycle.

Budget alerts

Help your customers eliminate their financial risks by setting up a threshold for the consumption of their Azure Plan subscriptions. Your customers can this way achieve better budget control by getting notfications that warn them when they reach close to their budget.

Microsoft Perpetual Licenses

Save valuable time with the power of automation
As a CSP service provider, you can automatically update your product catalog with Perpetual Licenses of Government, Education, and Non-Profit for all currencies and countries you sell to, even the ones that aren’t supported by Microsoft, by leveraging our conversion tool for unsupported currencies. Grow faster globally!


Subscription Billing made easy

Eliminate billing complexities and manual work with reliable Microsoft CSP software

Billing flexibility

Easily create, bill and provision cloud products and services, based on the specific charge type of each service. Enjoy pricing flexibility via multiple pricing options.

Subscription management

Easily define custom billing periods and pro-ration. Apply multiple pricing rules and volume discounts. Simplify recurring billing and effectively manage subscriptions.

Product bundles

Address your customers' unique needs by offering product bundles and grow your revenues! Combine multiple XaaS products in one single Product SKU, build special discount policies, and more!

Multi country & multi currency

Expand your reach! Maintain and support multi-country deployments. Sell in multiple currencies and apply country specific taxation rules.


Beyond the Microsoft CSP Program

Scale your business and enrich your portfolio. Find the vendors and solutions you need to grow and offer even more to your customers.
Microsoft CSP Platform 4's automated business processes have contributed to an increase in our overall productivity. Our teams are no longer restricted by repetitive administration tasks allowing them to channel their energies into building stronger relationships with our partners. In turn our partners can develop their own cloud business, drive efficiency and be more responsive to their customers' needs.
Jeremy Keane

MD, Risc IT Solutions


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