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Introducing Microsoft’s Free Billing Period

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In this blog will talk about a brand new top platform feature. FREE PERIOD. By enabling the free period for a product, you will not be charged for the period between the starting date of the subscription and the first billing date. Free period is available only for recurring products, both primary and addons. New AND existing products. You can also use the Free period for you own products and services, if you decide to do so! The free period is applied per subscription. This means that if a customer has a second subscription for the same product, the free period will be applied to the second subscription too! Isn’t that exciting?   So if you are an Indirect Microsoft CSP, you can now use this opportunity and stay competitive and Microsoft consistent with this new feature. Use this opportunity to stay on top of your competitors in the Microsoft CSP program and save significant time from your finance team. On the other hand, if you are a Direct Microsoft CSP you can now offer to your end customers the capability to use Microsoft 365 products for free. The free period can be extended up to one month, depending from the date your end customer places the order and the date Microsoft bills you. And you can get access to all the above via your own branded marketplace, powered by the platform, with no additional costs or resources.   What happens after the first billing period? That’s a good question! All licenses and any extra licenses the customer purchased will be charged in full. Now, Let’ see a quick example of an Office 365 purchase to get a better understanding of this feature:


On January the 15th our customer logs in to your custom branded marketplace and places an order for 5 seats of Office 365 Business. Subscription’s price is 10€/month. On January the 25th he wants to purchase 3 extra licenses, while on the 22nd of February the same customer adds one more extra seat. Note that this particular customer is billed the 1st of each month with upfront billing setting, in a monthly cycle. In the same time, you (the cloud service provider) have enabled the free period for Office 365 Business. Here is how your customer will be charged:


You can now easily start being Microsoft consistent or if you already doing it manually, you can make your finance team happier and more productive while they don’t have to refund your customers anymore while increasing customers’ satisfaction!   Overall, features are developed with the use of our deep knowledge on the insights of the CSP program, transferring its perks to all platform users. To see more features in detail at For more details, please watch our Vlog:

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