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News @Red Herring Europe: Awards And Perspective

2015-04-16 was awarded with the Red Herring Europe for 2015 as did all of the finalists. But apart from the award, here are the impressions of the amazing event in Amsterdam


Well, here we are. CEO, Vasilis Zografos and VP of Customer Engagement, Evi Efstathiou, receive the Red Herring Europe 2015 award during the ceremony that took place in Amsterdam, the evening of April 15th, 2015. is proud to receive an award that focuses on innovation in technology and great ideas, or best business practices. And this was exactly the case of the overall event of Red Herring Europe: the gathering of European technology companies that mark their spot in history and technology market, as well as their meeting with investors that can see the potential in their endeavours. Events like the prestiged and acknowledged Red Herring Europe are a celebration of entrepreneurship. Private technology companies that participate and present their vision and business practices are the companies that set trends in their sector and promote innovation. As does. Companies that have gone beyond the wishful thinking in technology and made a reality out of their great work. Thank you everyone at Red Herring and so long to the new friends met there!



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