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News Platform: The Virsage Case


A cloud platform to enable automation and self-service for both end-user customers and channel partners was facing the need to adopt Virsage, a Desktops-as-a-service provider.

The firm offers a DaaS solution called Virsage WorkPlace built on Microsoft and Citrix technology (CloudPortal Services Manager).

So far, the company’s processes were manual, internally developed and did not scale easily. The time to create a new customer, bill him and change his data was too long. Meanwhile, the billing system was not tied in with the actual user provisioning system so efforts were duplicating.

In order to address its challenges Virsage purchased platform which supports full integration with Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager. The platform was installed in the company’s datacenter and integrated with existing platforms. Current customer accounts were imported in the new platform and Virsage also utilized the out-of-the-box Storefront functionality of the platform. In that way Customer Service Sales, Cross-Product selling and upselling were enabled.

The new system gave Virsage a better visibility into operations in real time that it didn’t have before. Overall, company’s efficiency in ordering, billing and payments has increased and it has definitely saved time. The unified environment helped Virsage to achieve tighter controls, avoid billing discrepancies, while the time spent reconciling invoices has dramatically decreased.

Now Virsage has a self-service tool has not only improved company’s efficiencies, but has also improved the customer experience.

“The platform has really enabled Virsage to take our business to the next level and has provided our customers with an Amazon-like self-service experience” says Chris Dodge Virsage’s President.



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