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News Platform: The Swizznet Case


Accounting Application Hosting Provider, Gives Users On-demand Setup and Reduces Operating Costs proudly announces that Swizznet, a leader in the accounting application hosting industry, used the platform and CloudPortal Services Manager to achieve operating efficiency and increase in turnover by 50%. Marketplace platform: The Swizznet Case 1  

Swizznet’s operations were staying behind because of its outdated billing and its non-automated trial system that were costing to the company hundreds of additional man hours per month. In order to deal with this complexity Swizznet needed to adopt a solution that would allow its clients to acquire or terminate its services 24 hours seven days a week in addition with a system that would provide automated billing and trial process. Since the utilization of the platform, Swizznet had seen immediate results such as
(a) clients can add or remove services as they need on-demand,
(b) Increased client loyalty,
(c) Increased trial conversion to paid accounts by 50%,
(d) Saving over $5000 a month by automating the billing process and on sales administrative issues.

he platform eliminated the hours Swizznet’s accounting team spent manually to generate invoices and it saved valuable time of their sales team as well, so that it could focus more on outbound sales. The platform is the best solution for Telcos, Managed Services Providers, IT Distributors, IT and Cloud Service Providers that deliver cloud services to their customers and resellers. The platform enables you to enter a simple sign on the environment where you can have total control of your offered products or services and your customers can overview and manage their purchases to their fullest extent. Find out more about the platform, by visiting  or ask for a live demo to get the experience. You can also browse through Swizznet’s Marketplace to experience the look and feel of a marketplace for cloud services!



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