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29/05/2019 new era marketplace is here for you!

You’re likely familiar with what can do for CSP businesses. You’ve probably already used it to create a marketplace that has everything needed to run a successful Microsoft CSP business. And you may know its well-established benefits inside-out: an intuitive, online marketplace in any language, up and running in days; easy, automated handling of invoicing and payments; and powerful back office functionality for sales intelligence and simple communication.

Our customers love what the platform does, and they’re convinced of its potential. In fact, they’ve been telling us for some time that they want it to do more for them—much more. And, in a digital world that’s becoming mobile and cloud-based at warp speed, we’ve been listening carefully. When we talk to customers, they tell us they want tomorrow’s platform to be “easier” in three ways:

• Easier to find
• Easier to customize
• Easier to use

We agree, and we’ve recently launched the new era marketplace to do all three. It goes without saying that it still gives you all the benefits of the existing platform, but we’ve now built in SEO, an all-new CMS, and top-notch responsiveness. With these in place, you can do lots of things that you’ve probably been itching to do for ages, including:

• Optimize your marketplace for search engines
• Customize your storefront—or easily create multiple customized storefronts—through menus of ready-to-use templates, themes and layouts, as well as the option to easily add your own custom plug-ins
• Make your store fully responsive, so that it looks great on your—or your customers’— smartphone or tablet, and can be used just as easily on a mobile device as sitting at a desktop new era marketplace is here for you! 1

How are we doing all this? Well, leave that to us; we’re the techies, after all. And if you have more questions on the back-office functionalities, just sent us an emailand we’ll make sure you’ll get the answers.

The important question is “what can all this do for you?” We can think of plenty of things, but to summarize the benefits briefly:

• Increase sales and revenue, as customers find your marketplace more easily—and both you and your customers transact business on-the-go, on any mobile device you choose
• Better customer retention, as customers enjoy a better user experience—on a better interface
• Saved effort and money, through less custom development

But we’re not stopping there, we’ve got big plans to develop the new era marketplace further still. What’s coming next…? More advanced SEO, easier sign-on, and new cost-tracking features… so, watch this space. new era marketplace is here for you! 2

See how easy you can implement our new Marketplace capabilities in our Knowledge Base. new era marketplace is here for you! 3

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