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News Life-Style And The IT Pro | Dev Connections Conference


Members of the development and operations team, participated in a 2 day exclusive event addressed solely to IT professionals: the IT Pro | Dev Connections conference that took place in Athens Greece, on the weekend of November 29-30.

It was an overall successful event that drove the insight of these IT professionals to new levels regarding Microsoft technology updates, such as news and updates on Microsoft Azure, updates on vServer, handling security issues for networks, development of applications in different environments, big data and many more. The event was organized by,  the community forum of more than 6000 Microsoft professionals and As you can see from the photo… everyone is happy to participate. Interworks life

The team though, apart from being stars in managing Microsoft technologies and providing solutions for the trustful customers, has its own way of dealing with things. And if we are to be more precise, the Interworks mentality is always to combine Innovation and solutions (business that is), with pleasure. So, the team of stars who make sure that all global users of platform have no downtime and are able to deliver their cloud services anywhere, any time, could not be innovative enough if they didn’t indulge in eating and drinking of local (and international) delicacies. Such as this one: Interworks life
(This is Anestis unsuccessfully trying to hide behind a hanging piece of roast meat)
And to top the innovative and hard working qualities, the team always choses to top it up with exotic and sometimes too fancy cocktails: Interworks life

Yet, there always comes a time to go to rest and gather strength to continue innovating and keeping the world at it’s place. But before they do that, the team always finds a delicacy fit for geeks to end their day: a Nutella cheesecake!


So, here is a share of our life style. Because is a company full of bright minds that, apart from being bright, they also know how to have fun. Because when you do innovation, business is pleasure.



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