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News Cited At The Latest 451 Research Cloudscape Report

2013-11-26 is included in the Cloud Management and Automation report, issued in November by 451 Research. It is a long form report examining the adoption of cloud management and automation tools that have emerged in this dynamic market sector, with an extra focus on the tools that can manage Cloud activity. platform, the unified solution that allows Cloud Service Providers scale up their cloud business and the overall Cloud Brokerage system that has put into place, has also earned an exclusive Impact report by 451 Research, titled seeks to supercharge cloud service delivery and brokering” by 451 Research co-founder, William Fellows.

The report mentions the set of capabilities provides to ICT vendors in order to become cloud service providers and brokers and the fact that platform provides a unified solution for billing, managing, provisioning, marketing and selling cloud services.

To view the Cloud Management and Automation report by 451 Research, go to:

To view the Impact Report by 451 Research, go to:

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About is a multidisciplinary service provider with a collection of cloud services offerings, including IaaS, application services, platform services and CSB-enabling software. Its Cloud platform offers centralized management of Cloud Services and addresses the needs of Telecom Companies, Service Providers and ISVs world –wide. It combines marketing, sales, billing, provisioning and support in a multi-tier platform providing a turn-key solution for the delivery of Cloud Services. For more information you may visit



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