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4 ways can help your Cloud Distribution Business grow

With 90% of companies on the cloud and the global public cloud computing market set to reach $623.3 billion in 2023, cloud computing is entering a golden era of growth.

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According to the Cloud Industry Forum, cloud adoption and spending have surpassed on-premises IT among businesses for the first-time. While this is a great opportunity for cloud distributors, high demand can lead to excessive growth and uncontrollable expansion, which can be problematic and dangerous. With, scaling cloud distribution businesses is straightforward and cost efficient.’s cloud-business-as-a-service focuses on addressing key challenges cloud distributors face, including network optimization, automation, management, and integration of legacy systems.

1. Optimize Your Cloud Distribution Business


With, cloud distribution businesses can access all the tools a cloud service provider needs to begin automating their business on one platform. These tools can help optimize and automate billing, provisioning, reporting, integrate with other 3rd party cloud providers, and create cloud marketplaces.

When it comes to billing, gives cloud distribution businesses total control. Providers can handle recurring billing and subscription management, implement flexible products, add-ons, setups, and upgrades with flexible pricing and service plans all from one access point.  Distribution businesses can also enable automatic payment and billing reminders, credit controls, set various payment terms, enable notifications, and schedule automatic payments. In short, everything a cloud distributor needs to easily handle billing procedures unified in one platform.

The all-in-one provisioning system also allows cloud distribution businesses to provide any service from any cloud using an open Service Manager API. The Service Manager API makes integrating existing systems a seamless process.

Cloud distribution businesses can also gain real-time customized reports, helping them make better-informed decisions. The marketplace allows distributors to quickly create and sell cloud products via a custom-branded, user-friendly cloud services marketplace. These tools, from billing and reporting to provisioning, help cloud distribution businesses optimize their operations through increased efficiency and productivity.

2. Automate Service Delivery


The cloud platform solution also helps cloud distributors fully automate the delivery cycle of their cloud services for Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and apps from their local ecosystem.

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The platform accomplishes this via CSP provisioning automation, where cloud distributors can take advantage of the pre-built integration with the Microsoft CSP partner center and instantly go-to-market. Businesses can streamline the order-to-activation process for customers, provide a single point of management, and help cloud distributors sell any service from any cloud. 

The adoption of an automation platform, enables businesses to unburden themselves of the everyday manual billing and provisioning pains. Overall, this can save a considerable amount of money and time, especially as it is no longer necessary for them to maintain the platform. The platform service managers work 24/7 year-round to provide integrations and ensure these are running optimally.

3. Monitor and Manage Resellers Via a Single Portal’s multi-tier management portal is one of the most advanced tools for automation and monitoring of cloud services and what makes the solution ideal for Tier 2 CSPs. Utilizing the multi-tier management portal’s state of the art architecture, cloud distributors gain a 360-degree view of their reseller’s details, invoices, and subscriptions. Distributors can easily upgrade or downgrade, cancel accounts or update details from one access point.

By monitoring and managing resellers through a single portal, cloud distributors can save time by easily onboarding resellers. They can also protect their cloud business with credit controls and system notifications while increasing revenue by offering cloud-as-a-service to resellers.

4. Integrate Current Tools or Legacy Systems


Using’s open APIs, distributors can connect their existing tools and legacy systems with the platform. This enables seamless workflows for customers and employees.

There are many integrations available, from customer subscriptions and cloud sales to billing elements, CRMs, e-commerce systems, product catalogs with third party systems and business intelligence systems. includes a catalog of pre-built integrations for popular applications like Quickbooks, NetSuite, ConnectWise, Zendesk, Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Cloud distributors can use the available pre-built API bridges or work directly with the platform’s set of APIs. Regardless of which option customers choose, will provide detailed assistance and training for the organization’s developers. Cloud distributors have the flexibility to integrate what they need when they need it.

According to Chris Hill, Vice President of Public Cloud at Barracuda Networks, “For the first time in the cloud’s history, cloud infrastructure receives almost a fifth of businesses’ total IT budgets (19%) and surpasses on-premises and legacy expenditure (18%). These findings demonstrate that cloud usage has infiltrated almost every organisation in one form or another, bringing improved flexibility, agility, mobility and cost effectiveness.”

For cloud distributors, growing demand can lead to growth and expansion. However, inadequate and inefficient systems can hurt businesses as they attempt to scale. The solution is designed specifically to help cloud distributors with this optimization challenge, by automating service delivery, enabling monitoring and managing of resellers through a single portal and allowing businesses to integrate their current tools and legacy systems with ease. If you’re interested in scaling your cloud distribution business, contact us today to schedule a live demo!

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