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News As A Finalist For The Bully Awards 2013!


Great news for as the company is among the 60 finalists for the Bully Awards 2013 the awards for the Champions of European Innovation. The final selection and the awards will be given during the Pathways to Exit 2013 event, the exclusive annual event for European Tech, taking place in Barcelona, Spain, October 7-9th.

Pathways events have always been the center of Global Enterpreneur – Building firms with a World View where Tech industry’s key players share their secrets and experience on how a tech company can rise to meet today’s challenges. is leading the European market in the Cloud, by developing and distributing the platform, a unique and unified solution for Service Providers and Telcos into handling the cloud business.

Join us at Pathways 2013, on October 7-9th in Barcelona, Spain and hear the vision is sharing about the future of the company, Cloud and Cloud Services Brokerage

Find out more about Pathways 2013, here


Since 2001, has invested in the development of a highly innovative software platform to support the implementation of online business management solutions. Its state of the art technological infrastructure and its team’s long experience in developing business solutions, contribute to the continuous development of highly innovative products and services.
During the first decade, the product was transformed into a complete cloud platform for provisioning and billing of cloud services, with the name “ platform”.
The platform, enables Microsoft CSPs, Distributors and ISVs to grow their cloud business by publishing custom-branded marketplaces for their customers or resellers, boost their sales and fully automate billing, ordering, payment and support processes.’s unique value proposition to the global market, is the state-of-the-art Microsoft online service automation and robust billing engine, addressing the main pains of the global CSP market. is represented in Greece, UK, US and Germany with over 50 clients including Microsoft Direct CSPs, Distributors, Telcos and MSPs. On top of that, reaches more than 5500 resellers via its worldwide distribution network. is a registered trademark of Interworks S.A., Greece



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