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Press Release announces a new edition that allows distributors to upgrade and empower resellers


Thessaloniki, May 14, 2021 – announced today the launch of a new platform functionality that allows distributors to easily upgrade their resellers to the Standard Edition and provide them with valued autonomy to set up and configure their very own Marketplace. Through their brand-new custom Marketplace, resellers at the Standard Edition will be able to automatically view and manage end-customer subscriptions, automate order placement and cloud service provisioning, as well as to easily update product catalog and pricing. What is more, these resellers will enjoy the benefits of a powerful SEO-ready Marketplace which can be easily integrated with their custom URL and Google Analytics account.

Since 2012 the platform enables cloud service distributors to provide their services through a custom-branded Marketplace for their resellers, boost sales and fully automate billing, ordering, payment, and support. As part of our continuous growth and commitment to our customers’ feedback, we have decided to create a holistic, step-by-step approach that guides distributors and allows them to gradually upgrade resellers by giving them the ability to modernize their services, capabilities, and offering.

Specifically, an upgrade to the Standard Edition brings significant benefits for distributors, as it allows them to provide a diversified offering that sets them apart from the competition. More importantly, distributors can significantly expand their sales channel in a two-fold way: (1) by helping their resellers increase the volume and outreach of their end customer network and (2) by incentivizing new resellers to join the Standard Edition.

Finally, such an upgrade empowers resellers with their own-labeled Marketplace seamlessly connected to their distributor’s, ensuring automation of cloud service provision and billing as well as integration with the distributor’s own APIs. In fact, resellers at the Standard Edition will gain access to the Marketplace APIthus, to their customers’ data (orders, subscriptions, contact details) and their distributor’s invoices.

As Mr. Barbounakis, VP of Sales, stated, “At, we firmly believe that true growth is only possible through mutually beneficial partnerships. For more than a decade, we have been empowering the evolution of our customers, providing them with a comprehensive cloud automation platform. Further expanding our ecosystem was the natural next step towards addressing the needs of more than 30 distributors across the world, who will now be able to deliver the same benefits to their customers. Upgrading resellers at the Standard Edition will set them apart from the competition via a custom cloud marketplace, and empower them to self-serve their needs, manage their Microsoft Azure consumption, and eliminate manual effort for them and their end customers.” He concluded by emphasizing that “reselling becomes more automated, efficient, and profitable for all.”



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