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News Among The 10 Fastest Growing Cloud Management Solution Providers For 2019


With the upsurge in technology, organizations of all sizes and types are embracing digital transformation as an essential business strategy. Cloud technology is a key enabler of digital transformation. It is now, a business platform more than just a technology solution, involving and affecting people, processes and applications.

In their latest edition (March 2019), the Technology Headlines Magazine has enlisted ‘’10 Fastest Growing Cloud Technology Solution providers” for the year 2019, featuring their innovative and customized services., with its innovative software automation platform is included in the list for 2019, featuring a 2-page profile article.
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The platform combines the flexibility of a complete cloud management platform with the power of a Microsoft CSP automation solution. It includes a customizable marketplace, an automated provisioning engine, a powerful billing engine and modules for customer relationship management, business reporting, resellers’ management, notifications and more. A prime aspect, which makes separate from its rivals, is its state-of-art technological infrastructure and its teams’ long experience in developing business solutions, which contribute to the endless development of highly innovative products and services.

Vassilios Zografos, CEO at states: “The key differentiator of our solution is the way we innovate day-to-day via our state-of-the-art automations, which we always secure that are 100% functioning and updated”.

Currently, is going through major transformation driven by its own growth which includes its capacity, clear vision and company’s goals. The company has achieved huge success and is still aiming for excellence. Going forward, the company’s roadmap includes the complete rebranding of its control panel and storefront and integration with multiple new software vendors.

Vassilios concludes, “What we desire for the future, is to make distributors’ and service providers’ lives easier and more profitable through our automation platform and integrations, but also enhance and optimize the experience of resellers and end-customers, by providing the best marketplace experience”.

Read the whole article here.

About interworks. cloud
Since 2012, the platform has been enabling CSPs, MSPs, and ISVs to rapidly grow their ecosystems. It drives this growth by allowing them to create powerful cloud services marketplaces for their customers and resellers as well as boost sales through automated ordering, billing and support processes.’s seamless delivery of cloud services and its robust billing engine cut out all the pain points for Microsoft CSPs, freeing them to focus solidly on selling rather than managing day-to-day operations. Its state of the art technological infrastructure and its team’s long experience in developing business solutions, contribute to the continuous development of highly innovative products and services. With more than 15 active and fully functional integrations—including leading products from major cloud vendors like Microsoft and Google—the platform helps you boost your business portfolio and expand your cloud offering! has a local presence in the US, UK, Germany, and Greece, and supports more than 9,000 cloud resellers through its extensive ecosystem which now includes over 60 customers (telcos, distributors, and cloud service providers) across 73 countries.

About The Technology Headlines
The Technology Headlines is a knowledge platform for industry leaders and professionals to share their experiences, ideas and advice within the enterprise IT community. We are committed to our readership base that consists of CIOs, CXOs, and CMOs of some of the fastest growing companies. Our sole purpose is to help organizations keep track of their future technology needs. We like to explore new business ideas by researching and reporting on trends in retail, telecom, IT and healthcare sectors. The global IT market is set to enter its best days and companies need to find imaginative ways to connect with customers. Therefore, The Technology Headlines has come up with its own print version to help leaders share and connect through our channels and move towards broader levels of technology adoption.

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