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Effective Collaboration and Home Working in challenging times


A global pandemic



Coronavirus has now spread to over 75% of the world’s 195 countries. Confirmed infections are rapidly approaching 200,000, with more cases now outside than inside China. The geography of the disease is shifting rapidly too – something that has led the World Health Organization to declare a global pandemic.


Collaboration tools and home office schemes



For businesses, collaborative tools that enable effective home working are now critical. As a digitally-centered company and Microsoft Partner, already uses these extensively. But many businesses are gearing up for mass remote working for the first time, and they’ll look to technology companies to help meet their specific needs for business continuity. We’re hopeful that they’ll rise to the challenge. Microsoft Teams, a platform we mainly use for collaboration is improving all the time; for example, it’s recently further integrated Teams and Outlook, which allows us to transfer emails into chats and back in a single click.

With our major offices and headquarters in Greece, as well as branches in the UK, US, and Germany, is also exposed to Coronavirus’s challenges. We monitor the fast-moving developments continually and are doing whatever is needed to protect our employees, help safeguard public health, and maintain our business continuity and that of our partners and customers.


Safety first



We are following government requirements in all our locations: maximizing home working, ceasing travel, and implementing strict hygiene measures in offices. Our employees all have clear guidance and updates, and we are monitoring their health closely – with support on offer if needed.  We hope that tech will prove a force for good in meeting the challenges we face together and we’ll continue to do our bit to facilitate its use.


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