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Harnessing The Power Of Cloud Reporting

The cloud computing revolution has been in full swing for years now, and the onset of the pandemic only supercharged cloud adoption among organizations of all sizes. Despite this growth, the Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report revealed that organizational priorities are shifting towards managing costs and optimizing existing cloud subscriptions.

While current expenditure is still trending upwards, this growth cannot be maintained in the long term, and cloud distributors and resellers will have to rely on effective and efficient cloud reporting to manage sales pipelines and extend more services to existing customers. With advanced cloud reporting software, business leaders can provide cloud distributors and resellers with the appropriate information to make business decisions using real-time customer data.


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What is Cloud Reporting?


As cloud services expand their offerings to meet the demands of an increasingly complex clientele, cloud distributors and resellers must find a way to succinctly analyze and display customer information in a way that drives impactful sales decisions. Cloud reporting allows businesses to empower resellers by sharing tailored in-depth customer data without the need to maintain expensive software or hardware.

The insights provided on cloud reporting platforms can be accessed by team members from any device with an internet connection. The data can also be exported in other formats to encourage collaboration and information sharing between vendors but, more importantly, to help managers take informed and accurate decisions that maximize the value of their business.

Customers have adopted a variety of cloud services to meet their unique needs, with companies using 2.6 public and 2.7 private clouds on average. The data generated by these services and the roles these services play in customer workflows can help distributors and resellers identify customers with specific requirements and sell them the services that align most with their current needs.


Reporting for Cloud Distributors

For cloud distributors, resellers are a crucial resource. While 44% of businesses focus on acquiring new customers, an extensive network of empowered resellers allows cloud distributors to encourage repeat subscriptions and increase upselling opportunities. allows cloud distributors to manage an extensive and limitless network of resellers from a single place with a single sign-in.

Once their cloud Marketplace is up and running, cloud distributors can sometimes fall into the trap of focusing exclusively on securing new partnerships to expand the offerings that they have for sale. However, it is also important to pair this with effective monitoring of reseller performance with targeted KPIs that give the whole picture. This can also help guide future partnerships that are more aligned to the needs of customers.

However, invoices, subscriptions, and customer correspondence shared by resellers can be extremely difficult to analyze due to their qualitative and dynamic nature. An advanced cloud reporting platform provides access to reseller performance data in an easy-to-understand and scannable manner, while providing the option to dive into granular data when the need arises.


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Reporting for Resellers


While distributors can access and act on reseller data from the cloud, the information sharing enabled by cloud reporting software also provides great utility for resellers. Effective reseller management involves empowering an entire network of resellers with the resources that best position them to make sales. With’s fully integrated Marketplace, resellers can access all the features of the Reseller’s Dashboard. This dashboard empowers resellers in three clear ways.


1. A single source of truth consolidates customer data for easy access. Customers often subscribe to a varied suite of cloud services that best fit the needs of their operation. The challenge that resellers face when managing these customers is that each platform and service shares data in a different way. A consolidated dashboard allows resellers to obtain a true overview of their existing and potential pipeline in a single place.


2. Automated generation of customer data identifies hot prospects. Resellers make the bulk of their income by identifying and converting hot prospects into active customers. With custom reports, resellers can quickly identify customers who have recently made purchases, customers whose service trials are about to expire, and customers with expiring assets.


3. Fully customizable dashboards help resellers highlight the most appropriate data points for sharing. While intelligently generated insights and visuals can be useful to make the most of existing customer databases, resellers must also be empowered to customize the metrics that they feel are most important to them. This allows resellers to make the most of intelligent dashboards while allowing them to retain control over the information that is displayed to them at all times.

Ultimately, it is crucial for distributors and resellers to make the most out of their Marketplace and find and secure new clients. Advanced cloud reporting software empowers all the stakeholders involved in sales processes by improving the flow of critical business information and increasing visibility across business divisions. The insights generated by the powerful cloud reporting capabilities of the platform can also assist businesses in delivering their services by identifying the hottest prospects and sales targets for them.


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