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New cross-sell opportunities with Dropsuite’s integration

Offer trusted email cloud backup along with your Office365 and further increase your revenues!

The platform offers Dropsuite’s Plans to its set of integrations!

The platform integration with Dropsuite gives the opportunity to all distributors and service providers, to bill and provision Dropsuite’s products easily and instantly. Distributors and service providers are able to cross-sell backup and archiving solutions to their customers – along with the Office 365 solution – thus increasing their average revenue per user (ARPU).

About Dropsuite’s

Dropsuite’s email cloud backup, archiving & GDPR solutions, allow distributors, service providers, MSPs and VARs to automatically safeguard emails, attachments, calendars and tasks in the cloud and restore any file on demand. This, simple-to-use cloud solution helps distributors, service providers, MSPs and VARs protect their customers’ Office 365 data files, meet regulatory compliance and GDPR obligations, plus generate recurring revenue. The product is compatible with Office 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams Sites), Hosted Exchange, Open-Xchange, G Suite Gmail, and most IMAP/POP email servers.

Why you need the platform?

Distributors and service providers are in search of products that can be
seamlessly combined with the distribution of productivity and email solutions,
through their channel partner networks. The optimal scenario would be for these
products to get automatically billed and provisioned through a centralized
solution, that enables them to distribute multiple services together. The platform solution is the ultimate cloud brokerage platform that
allows you to provision, sell & bill Office 365 along with other cloud solutions,
quickly and effectively. platform - white logo

Fully automated order, billing & provisioning

End-to-end automation of Dropsuite’s products’ delivery saves significant time and effort from the CSP’s team.

Instant delivery Of products

Quick demand satisfaction with instant access to Dropsuite’s plans, keeps end-customers and resellers happy.

Dropsuite complete Subscription management

Through the interworks.Cloud platform all distributors and service providers and their customers can easily modify dropsuite’s subsciptions, with no additional effort.

Automatic product catalog Updates (always use catalog)

Update all dropsuite’s products in a snap, via the “get services definition” option of the interworks.Cloud platform.


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