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Discover Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) For CSP

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is constantly evolving, aiming to address the changing industry needs. Putting partners at the center of the SMB digital transformation, Microsoft invests in the CSP program, ensuring an optimal experience for every business. As a result, Microsoft has already launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE) for Microsoft Azure in 2019 and will soon introduce a new set of additions, including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform. NCE expansion offers new functionalities, capabilities, and policies that differ from the legacy CSP provisioning platform. It aims to reduce licensing complexity and costs and provide flexibility to support a wide range of client purchasing scenarios. Once fully launched, it will enable faster and simpler transactions. 

The General Availability of NCE will be announced in January 2022 by Microsoft. More details will be announced before January’s launch. 


What is the New Commerce Experience (NCE)? 


The NCE is the latest version of the CSP program’s evolution, which will provide Microsoft partners with new tools to manage license-based subscriptions, new sales capabilities, and tools to manage subscriptions more effectively. In fact, it is a unified way of licensing ownership. NCE ensures stronger customer commitment with multiple term options. Microsoft’s vision is to provide a single, integrated platform unifying customers’ experience. 


What is the impact on my business? 


As a direct or indirect CSPs, NCE will help you achieve business growth, build broader and more sustainable revenue streams, and reduce licensing complexities or management cost. What is more, an array of new features and functionalities will be introduced for buying, provisioning, and billing services. The upcoming NCE additions will also provide Microsoft partners with new tools to achieve flexibility in subscription management, while customers will enjoy discounted prices and multiple new term options. 


What should Microsoft partners expect? 

  • Better customer engagement with discounted pricing on annual subscriptions and multiple agile payment options 
  • Flexibility in terms and seat counts for customers who don’t want to commit on annual or multi-year level. New monthly offer additions with a 20% price premium 
  • Greater customer commitment with enforced cancellation policy and better upgrade options 
  • New pricing and add-on options to promote product adoption. Price reduction on annual or multi-year agreements 
  • Simplified billing experiences 
  • Easy migration to NCE 
  • Plenty of many more functionalities. 

How helps you in this transition 


The platform focuses on providing you with a seamless Microsoft experience, offering you all the tools you need to focus on your business growth. We are currently working hard to on our new platform features which will let you harness the benefits of NCE offerings.    

Our main purpose is to provide you with the automation needed to start selling NCE products quickly and effortlessly. Aligned always with Microsoft, we are bringing into the platform new features and functional changes following a phased approach, to ensure smooth transition and our complete alignment with Microsoft’s requirements. 


Introducing NCE technical preview to the platform  


We are excited to share that our NCE technical preview is already available. Our first technical preview release provides sufficient time for you to define your business flows, whilst checking for gaps and controlling errors in alignment with the technical release of Microsoft.   


Embrace the change, get prepared for the evolution 

More details will be available as we progress with our phased delivery approach. We are continuously updating the content, so we will keep you posted. 

If you have any questions, you can contact our cloud experts




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