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Computer Gross, Microsoft Indirect CSP - Italy 1

Computer Gross, Microsoft Indirect CSP – Italy


success story

In an nutshell

Computer Gross, the biggest cloud distributor in Italy, was seeking a cloud platform solution in order to help their extensive network of resellers transition from the traditional distribution channel to a cloud distribution model. By adopting the solution they managed to transform their business in the cloud in an easy-to-use and smooth way.


Their story

Since the beginning of its activities, Computer Gross Italy anticipates the transformation of the role of distributor, distinguishing itself on the market as an advanced ICT operator managing an increasingly added value which is allocated to the Reseller Channel. Computer Gross currently presents more than 12K customers and has achieved a turnover of over 1 billion euro in 2016, which led the company to the first place in the distribution of IT products between the ICT leading vendors.


To integrate new services to their cloud portfolio at the speed of the business

To integrate new services to their cloud portfolio at the speed of the business

To gain a bigger share in the emerging cloud solutions and services market

Business Challenge

Addressing their businesiess must-haves

As a leading IT Service Provider in Italy, Computer Gross resells to a range of more than 12.250 partners.Therefore, the most challenging part in order to guarantee business continuity is to find a cloud automation solution which could be integrated with their existing ERP system and their ongoing sales life-cycle processes.'s important role


Seeking to automate and expand its Microsoft Cloud Services delivery channel for their network of Resellers, Computer Gross decided to adopt the fully automated platform developed by Computer Gross opted for the flagship solution offering, the Cloud Distributor Solution, with an aim to accommodate the high transaction volume of its established partner network, as well as support their future expansion of its operations. The project was laid out along the ‘phased approach’ methodology, which was agreed by both project teams in order to ensure a seamless transition to the new model and also to contain and mitigate risks usually arising to projects of this complexity and scope. Project activities commenced with the deployment of the solution to Computer Gross premises, with the training sessions following soon after.

In parallel, the project teams were engaged with defining the integration layer between the platform and Computer Gross core systems. The first phase was completed in October 2016, with the roll out of the platform to production environment and the support of their customers’ orders through its platform component. The second phase followed soon after, with the import of a specific segment of Computer Gross partners in the platform, the activation of the Computer Gross on line portal and the deployment of the first integration deliverables. The third phase was delivered on December 2016, with the system becoming fully operational for all Computer Gross partners and the integration fully deployed. Computer Gross, by leveraging its own-branded marketplace for cloud services, powered by the platform, managed to improve its resellers’ user experience, which led to a significant increase in revenue and productivity. Additionally, platform helped Computer Gross provide its partners with more advanced and powerful tools in order to easily handle subscriptions and automate the provisioning, billing and invoicing of cloud services. Finally, with the use of the platform open APIs, Computer Gross integrated its existing ERP system with the platform, which enabled them to standardize their processes while achieving business continuity.


their success

By using the automated business processes of the platform, Computer Gross managed to achieve at least 40% increase in their overall business productivity! This is a truly remarkable accomplishment and in terms of a large organization with 500+ employees and 12000+ resellers, it means that by adopting the platform they managed to save a great deal of time and money while increasing customer satisfaction and their business profits

Computer Gross, Microsoft Indirect CSP - Italy 2
As in all important projects, people make the big difference. Working with made us feel like we were dealing with an internal department. The relation is very straight and personal. When there is an emergency situation you are not just a customer or a number and always does its best to resolve issues immediately or reduce the impact. This gives you the confidence and the feeling of real customer care. also listens carefully to customer needs and does its best to improve the platform every day.

Tommaso Calosi

Cloud Business Lead, Computer Gross, Microsoft Indirect CSP, Italy


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