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Since 2012, the platform has been enabling CSPs, MSPs, and ISVs to rapidly grow their ecosystems. It drives this growth by allowing them to create powerful cloud services marketplaces for their customers and resellers as well as boost sales through automated ordering, billing and support processes.’s seamless delivery of cloud services and its robust billing engine cut out all the pain points for Microsoft CSPs, freeing them to focus solidly on selling rather than managing day-to-day operations.Its state of the art technological infrastructure and its team’s long experience in developing business solutions, contribute to the continuous development of highly innovative products and services.

With more than 15 active and fully functional integrations—including leading products from major cloud vendors like Microsoft and Google—the platform helps you boost your business portfolio and expand your cloud offering! has a local presence in the US, UK, Germany, and Greece, and supports more than 9,000 cloud resellers through its extensive ecosystem which now includes over 60 customers (telcos, distributors, and cloud service providers) across 73 countries.

Founding team

4 Software Engineers.4 friends.4 pillars

Their common story begins years ago, while their best moments as a team haven’t come yet!
Perfectionists with high standards and natural need for evolution. Company - Join Us! 1

Vassilis Zografos Chief Executive Officer

Vassilis’ vision, credentials and more than 17 years of experience, make him an expert in cloud computing and a highly acknowledged entrepreneur. He is passionate about delivering top cloud solutions to IT companies worldwide. Vassilis holds a BSc in Computer Science, a MSc in Information Systems and a PhD in eBusiness Components Architectures. He is a father of two sons and enjoys playing Strategy games every Sunday with the rest of the team. Company - Join Us! 2

Vicky Proikoglou VP of Research & Development

Vicky coordinates one of the most important pillars at, the R&D department. A passionate perfectionist with solution-oriented thinking, she is responsible for managing the QA & Software Engineering divisions using state-of-the-art methodologies. Vicky has more than 17 years of experience in Software Engineering and holds a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Information Systems. She is a mother of two sons and loves taking them to robot lessons and mountain ski. Company - Join Us! 3

Apostolos Karakaxas VP of Customer Success

Apostolos is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, execution and completion of all major customer projects ensuring their successful completion. His close interaction with the customers has led to his involvement with the platform product design, by aligning customer requirements with Interworks’ vision and goals. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Information Systems. He is the father of two and he enjoys travelling with his family. Company - Join Us! 4

George Sartzetakis VP, Data Center Services

George is responsible for the design and implementation of cloud infrastructure, requirement analysis regarding the construction of the corporate Data Center, applications, services and security. He has a strong commitment to team spirit, collaboration and the amazing ability to deliver excellent results under pressure. He holds a BSc in Computer Science. At his free time, he loves having long dinners with friends and experimenting on his own recipes.

The team

Sharing the passion for excellence and the company’s vision the team consists of highly experienced professionals that enjoy working for the cloud business. Company - Join Us! 5

Stelios Draganidis Software Architect

Stelios has worked in a wide variety of business applications before he joined team. He holds a BSc and a MSc in Computer Science, and is particularly interested in cloud applications and projects delivered using the Software-as-a-Service model. He is a founding member of the developers’ team and helps leading them into creating and maintaining innovative customer impacting products, services and automation procedures. He is the father of two sons and loves listening to Opera and playing his guitar. Company - Join Us! 6

Stamatis Barbounakis VP of Sales

Stamatis has almost 25 years of outstanding experience in the IT industry holding critical sales roles in multinational and Greek IT companies. He combines entrepreneurial drive with business-management skills, the ability to communicate a clear strategic sales vision and cultivate excellent relationships with new prospects and existing customers or partners. He is the father of a son who is a Junior Software engineer and an elite swimmer daughter. Company - Join Us! 7

Stergios Kalomoiris Chief Financial Officer

With a BSc in Business Administration & Finance and a MBA Stergios is responsible for financial analysis, business planning, forecasting and reporting. His analytic thinking and in-depth working knowledge of the whole financial industry has led to more than 10 years of experience in major finance roles.He is a fanatic football fan and enjoys watching games with his two sons. Company - Join Us! 8

Pelagia Papoulidou VP Customer Engagement

Pelagia has an outstanding 12 years experience as a Human Resources manager in leading companies from various industries. She has a deep knowledge on strategic and consulting issues, which is combined with her unparalleled talent of team building. Her passion about people led her to the Customer Engagement department where she can practice her excellent communicational skills and increase customer loyalty. Pelli holds a BSc in Sociology, a M.A. in Human Resources Development and a MBA. She is a mother of a son, to whom she reads fairy tales that she writes herself. Company - Join Us! 9

Costas Flocas VP Product Management and DPO

Costa has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience in developing, introducing and managing IT products and services across multiple markets. He is a trusted C-level management appointee to confidential projects: building and negotiating strategic alliances, interfacing with government and regulatory authorities, internal budgeting/reporting/QA, executive hiring and departmental reorganizations. He is the father of two sons and he enjoys cocktailing for his friends. Company - Join Us! 10

Haris Vagenas Senior Customer Success Consultant

Haris has over 10 years of experience managing and leading complex software implementations in the financial and cloud services industries. He is considered the customers’ champion within The parts of the job he enjoys most are the engagement with the customers and the moment when a project is successfully completed. He spends his free time chasing around his son, playing guitar blues and reading old crime novels. Company - Join Us! 11

Head of Company Operations Company - Join Us! 12

Christoforos Nicolopoulos VP of Cloud Infrastructure & Operations Company - Join Us! 13

Vasilis Tsantiotis Head of Products & Vendor Partnerships

One Life. One Game. One Win.

What keeps us motivated, are the opportunities we create everyday towards shaping the future, by providing state-of-the art software solutions, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with the world.

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Vassilis Zografos, CEO