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Cloud VPS: New service released by, available at early May


Thessaloniki, May 2016 –, the leading cloud solution provider in the Greek market, has added a new competitive offering to its IaaS list of products. Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server), was presented at an exclusive webinar at 27th April, in which partners from Cyprus and Greece attended.


The Cloud VPS, is a service that addresses to SMBs and freelancers with specific needs (sites, accounting programs, commercial management for SMBs etc.). Virtual Private Servers help the end customers’ application transition -from the local IT infrastructure to the cloud- with all the benefits that derive from that change.


Easy activation, no complicated customizations, immediate access to Internet and the possibility to activate only the absolutely necessary resources that will be used. The Cloud VPS constitutes the ideal solution for businesses that looking forward to getting away from maintenance expenses in order to cover their business needs or cover seasonality picks.

You can find more about the cloud VPS from by visiting its dedicated Youtube videos on purchase and management. platform, as a service already serves smaller but populated MSPs, ISVs and freelances related to Cloud allowing them to offer to its clients the most reliable cloud services as well as to expand their Reseller network by eliminating their functional costs. Moreover, platform features a fully customized & friendly environment that fits in each customer’s identity and can be fully functional in few days letting them market cloud products and services immediately to their clients.


About is a company that develops innovative solutions for the development and management of the cloud services. platform offers a centralized management of Cloud Services at Telecommunications, Information and Software companies globally.



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