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Automation Platform for Cloud Distributors

An all-in-on automation platform to market, sell, manage and bill your cloud services.

What you can do with the platform

The ultimate solution for Cloud Distributors. Enjoy fast time-to-market, multi-tier reseller enablement and easy onboarding.

Streamline your processes

Save time with automated processes like recurring billing, instant provisioning of cloud services, reporting and reseller management.

Provide an all-inclusive marketplace

With a user-friendly, custom marketplace your resellers can manage and bill cloud services seamlessly.

Manage your resellers

Facilitate your internal procedures and save time with effective account management and ticketing system, powered by the platform.

Simplify your billing process

Use one platform to execute your financial operations by automating your billing and invoicing processes.

Turn data into analytics

Track the performance of your sales in easy to-digest reports. Make fully-customized dashboards based on your business needs.

Integrate your legacy systems

Connect your existing infrastructure and create custom workloads tailored for every business scenario.

Acronis Cyber Cloud for Cloud Distributors

As an Acronis Cloud Distributor, the platform allows you to register new Acronis Services Providers and efficiently provision, manage and bill your channel partners through a single solution. The pricing model for your Service Providers is set with monthly commitment tiers starting from as little as 250$ per month, and under a flexible licensing model, either per GB or per Workload. Using the automation platform you will be able to:

Offer your Acronis Service Providers live usage details, costs, and the capability to monitor their commitment fulfillment at any given time.

Set the Terms & Conditions for onboarding new Acronis Service Providers directly from your Marketplace.

Execute orders and automatically create Acronis Cyber Cloud Subscriptions for your Service Providers.

Get monthly billing data automatically from the Acronis Portal using our platform’s activated APIs.

Promote new partnerships with potential Acronis Service Providers, offering trials and upgrade capabilities.

Cloud Distributor 1

Distribution Platform for Microsoft Indirect CSPs

Let your resellers sell, bill and manage all Microsoft’s cloud services

Azure Cost Management

Monitor your subscriptions, set alerts, receive notifications and never lose track of your budget.


Combine two or multiple cloud services and increase both your sales and customers’ lifetime value.

Reseller Management

Get an inclusive overview of your resellers’ performance and find out which cloud services sell more.

One platform for Cloud Distributors

Bill your customers in local currencies, process online payments internationally and define your pricing in multiple currencies.

Offer your customers the automation tools they need to manage and bill their network and expand your cloud business.

Our integration framework is designed to enable data synchronization with third party systems with no development effort.

We’ve got your back in every step, with a team of experts ready to take over your advanced onboarding and training.


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