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Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation: The No 1 factor to consider for a successful cloud business

What is cloud automation and why should you care? Well delivering all the latest cloud technologies to your end customers it’s not enough, it never was! Every cloud service provider is aware of that. Deliver them automatically however is another discussion.

Technology vendors nowadays, release new applications and services daily and staying up to speed with their delivery is by far the most controversial factor to consider as a cloud service provider.

Fine so far, you would say, I will struggle to deliver them but I plan to do it as I always do! It worked so far, didn’t it? Well, the answer is not as simple as you may think! That “always” usually includes, most-if not all-of your sales executives and numerous people from your accounting department, to be occupied with the handling of your customers’ everyday requests and subscriptions, when they could just look after the business development of your firm. Just consider how profitable your organization would be if you had adopted a cloud automation platform and your sales department would pursue prospective onboarding customers, instead of constantly handling the existing ones?


The most critical factor to consider when you want to undergo a change like that, is the investment’s cost! By cost however, we don’t only refer to the money you would spend, but to how much your organization would have to go back to its commercial revenue targets and what kind of organizational restructure it may need to be done. Well embracing the evolution is the antidote of fearing it. Explore all the possible solutions and reevaluate your targets! Every industry leader took the necessary “risks” in order to evolve and dominate the market why not you as well?


So, let’s say that you have already set the infrastructure required for your cloud delivery what should you do next to embrace cloud automation? Well, let’s have an elaborate look on what your cloud platform should incorporate first:

  • Customized Storefront: Without exposing your products and services somewhere (a simple e-shop won’t do the job) they simple don’t exist, you need a single point of delivery to unify your offerings. A storefront that will give the control to your end customer, releasing you in that way from the hassle to do the management of their purchased resources, and will also have the look and feel of your brand.
  • Billing automation: You also need a robust billing module that would automate subscription management and would handle the invoices and the payments.
  • Provisioning capabilities: You would need an all-in-one solution for provisioning IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and DaaS.
  • Resellers’ functionality: Which will give enable your resellers to buy your services, manage them on behalf of their customers.

Acquire cloud automation with the platform, which provides all the above capabilities to its unified solution and can be deployed within weeks. Our plans can fit your needs, no matter what are the cloud services you wish to deliver while our support is with you at every step.

So don’t keep on waiting get the cloud automation platform that you need today!

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