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New Azure Plan: Keeping Pace with Microsoft’s Dynamic Ecosystem

Microsoft Service Providers and Cloud Distributors need a dynamic CSP automation platform that keeps up with the pace of evolving technologies. understands the unique pain points and complexity of managing and billing Azure and is committed to providing a cost-effective, leading-edge, and intuitive all-in-one Microsoft CSP solution. As more companies look to grow their cloud business with Microsoft’s expanding suite of services, learn how supports the complete Azure Experience.

Stay on the Leading Edge of the New Azure Experience

In 2019, Microsoft rolled out its new commerce experience for Azure in CSP. The goal was to expand opportunities for partners to deliver service offerings, seamlessly transition customers to New Azure, and drive digital transformation.

In addition to rolling out new features like cost management tools and advanced analytics, the New Azure Experience included updated customer and partner agreements with modified terms and conditions. Simply put, in the New Azure Experience partners can provision multiple entitlements under a centralized Azure Plan.

Microsoft has also introduced changes to the CSP billing framework by offering US-Dollar-only pricing. This means that New Azure Plan will be charged in US Dollars and converted to local customer currencies for billing purposes. Global businesses with multi-country and multi-currency operations can use to streamline all Azure Plan billing frameworks onto one single dashboard. makes it possible to facilitate global operations by selling in multiple currencies and applying country-specific tax rules, while automating adhering to the New Azure’s billing framework.

As an all-in-one Microsoft CSP platform, is committed to keeping pace with Microsoft’s growing suite of CSP features. To streamline the new Azure billing workflows, the platform combines in-depth analysis paired with budget alert features and pricing calculators to automatically run, provision and service delivery features. As Microsoft continues to announce new feature offerings, cloud service providers would be wise to use an all-in-one Microsoft CSP platform to automatically stay up-to-date on emerging capabilities.

Microsoft CSP billing

Harness Powerful Cost Management Features lets customers achieve maximum growth for their Azure businesses while taking control of their billing and provisioning with the embedded Cost Management tool. CSPs can harness visual resource information, historical visual data, and information on Azure Plan and Subscription levels for end-to-end visibility.

Here’s how the cost management billing features benefit your cloud business:

  • Easily view Azure subscription consumption for the total Azure Plan.
  • Draw insights from consumption and subscription levels to enrich your value proposition and improve the reseller or end customer’s experience with your brand.
  • Reduce the risk of overcharged bills.
  • Make better decisions on how to spend resources.

Access Azure Reserved Instances

Through the New Azure Experience, direct or indirect Microsoft CSPs get immediate access to Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (RI). The Azure RI program enables partners to acquire, provision, and manage server subscriptions from commercial customers via Microsoft Partner Center and Azure Portal.

Azure RIs offer many cost and time-saving benefits, but introduce, also, some unique challenges. Billing and delivery of Azure RIs are managed by different software systems, which can confuse distributors and service providers. Additionally, the involvement of the CSP is mandatory, which limits self-fulfillment for resellers and end-customers when purchasing Reserved Instances. Finally, offers a platform integration with Azure RIs that instantly delivers Reserved Instances to end-customers by leveraging automated billing and provisioning services.

Distributors and service providers now have an integrated solution for licensing Azure RIs and enabling partners to streamline sales processes. offers 24/7 marketplace availability with reserved instances billing and provisioning automation, as well as cross-selling opportunities. Available RIs include reserved VM instances, SUSE Linux Enterprise software plans, SQL database reserved capacities, and Azure Cosmos DB reserved capacities.

End customers benefit from the integration as well. Azure RIs result in 72% of cost savings for CSPs versus traditional pay-as-you-go Azure VM pricing. These cost savings are paired with simpler procurement processes, flexible deployment terms, and license management for all RIs. Supports All Microsoft CSP Needs

With Microsoft continuing to support Cloud Service Providers by expanding its offerings through efforts such as the New Azure Plan, is committed to helping your cloud business keep up with all the latest technologies. Our platform will continue to make it easy for customers and resellers to quickly order, provision, bill, and manage Office 365, Azure, and other cloud services while staying ahead of the digital transformation curve. is an award-winning automation platform for Microsoft Service Providers and Cloud Distributors. We offer automatic billing, a subscription pricing model, and full support throughout the onboarding process. Request a free demo today to find out how we can elevate your business to the next level.



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