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5 Reasons Microsoft CSPS Choose

The platform has been chosen by Microsoft Cloud Services Providers (Microsoft CSPs) as a leading solution for their CSP businesses. In fact, the platform provides more than billing automation. It offers valuable efficiency and much-needed flexibility for Microsoft CSPs, which allows you to scale up without a hassle. Find out five of the most important reasons Microsoft CSPs choose to optimize and grow their business and how you can benefit from it.

The cloud brings opportunities and challenges for CSPs

Being in the cloud is the new normal—92% of enterprises now have transferred their workloads to the cloud. As organizations migrate to the cloud, cloud solutions must integrate with the customers’ business requirements and goals.

5 reasons Microsoft CSPs choose 1
The global cloud computing market offers opportunities to CSPs (Markets and Markets).

The cloud offers lucrative opportunities for cloud vendors and Microsoft CSPs, but it also presents several challenges for new entrants and more seasoned professionals.

Billing and provisioning remain at the top of the list of challenges for MS CSPs. Different payment models and services make manual billing very complex. Automated billing provides an accurate and easy-to-use solution for this challenge. This is why such companies need efficient cloud services platform helps to automate provisioning while remaining cloud-agnostic.

Cloud computing is constantly evolving, and MS CSPs can help customers with new integrations using a cloud brokerage platform. A cloud management platform can also help achieve consistency in security practices across regions and regulations. Finally, many companies are managing multiple cloud solutions from different vendors, so CSPs that provide a complete solution for multi-cloud environments save customers time and money. An automation solution can help CPSs achieve the efficiency needed to meet the demands of this type of customer.

For almost two decades, we have been working to excel in cloud automation by offering a comprehensive platform that addresses the needs and requirements of MS CSPs around the world. Here’s how we do it and why CSPs choose us.

5 Top reasons MS CSPs choose

1. CSP automation
As your CSP business grows, manual tasks and processes can hinder your efficiency. While this problem can be solved by hiring more staff, to achieve process agility,automating your tools and processes provides a more effective solution.

The streamlines business processes, automating repetitive tasks and improving the efficiency of the entire workflow. Some aspects that get an overhaul with automation include:

  • Complex billing: including multi-currency and multi-region, leaving your engineers free for higher-value tasks like upselling and more complex requests.
  • Achieving more agility: by streamlining workflows so it becomes easier to produce sales quotes, manage orders or billing with the click of a button, or filling a text box.
  • Enhancing customer experience: our fully customizable marketplace empowers customers to easily manage and provision cloud products, improving their businesses.
  • Automating provisioning: our all-in-one CSP platform enables you to integrate cloud services with greater agility, responding quickly to customer needs. Automation also improves the customer experience through self-service provisioning. Additionally, it helps to adapt to changing environments with auto-scaling features.  


2. Product bundles
Bundling is a practice that increases the value you offer to customers. By offering product bundles, clients are given a package created to address their specific needs. With the platform, you can combine different SaaS products from various vendors beyond Microsoft as well as own services in a packaged unit and offer it with a single subscription. This helps you maximize the value you offer to you customer but also simplifies billing as you only bill for the package instead of several products.

CSPs can benefit from bundling their own products or services with high-demand products. This allows for introducing the service while increasing the total value of the offering.

3. Robust Microsoft CSP billing
The platform enables you to easily handle complex billing and support different pricing models and multiple scenarios through automation.

  • Manage pricing through different markets and payment models by applying margin rules.
  • Quickly update your product catalog with a few clicks.
  • Sell and manage customers across regions, countries, currencies, and taxation systems.
  • Implement credit limits and allow different payment methods.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in multiple countries and regions.

Choosing the right billing platform for your needs can be tricky. In our guide, How to choose a Microsoft CSP billing platform (Part 1 and Part 2), we explain some of the key characteristics you should look for in the perfect billing platform for your CSP business:

  • Pricing flexibility
  • Automated invoicing and taxation
  • Collection and payments management
  • Easy integration of discounts and offers
  • Easy subscription management

The platform supports multiple currencies and payment options and automates billing so you can easily grow your business, saving time and money.

4. Fully synchronized with Microsoft
Our fully customizable marketplace offers your customers a place to order, provision, and bill Microsoft products with ease. They can upgrade, add, modify, and cancel subscriptions from the platform while your billing is taken care of automatically.

The integration with Microsoft enables you to expand your offering of MS products, including:

  • Office 365: automates billing, provisioning, and recurring payment of MS 365, saving time so your team can focus on higher-value tasks.
  • MS Azure: Azure billing complexity is well-known. Give your customers a smooth buying experience of Azure SKUs. The Azure Budget Alerts and Cost Management features prevent overcharges and surprise bills.
  • MS Reserved Instances: If your customers need to scale up quickly, this feature helps them reserve exactly the instances they need cost-effectively.
  • IaaS Windows Azure Pack: Your customers can purchase Azure Pack resources without risking large usage-based bills.

The platform provides a complete solution for offering MS products without going over budget. Features like the pricing calculator, budget alerts, and cost management are integrated into the platform so you (and your customers) can control costs seamlessly.

5. 100+ Cloud experts
With more than 100 cloud experts and 20 years of experience, provides the expertise and support you need to succeed in your CSP business.

Our onboarding process provides you with end-to-end support, with dedicated Customer Success Consultants for every project. We believe that ongoing communication, collaboration, and support are the keys to ensure your success.

The onboarding process starts with a discovery session, the first of several business sessions where we listen to your needs and explain how the onboarding process works. During these sessions, we customize the system so it is tailored to your specific business requirements. You can learn more about why our onboarding process is one of the top reasons mentioned by CSPs for choosing us in this quick onboarding process overview.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are starting as a MS CSP or have already been in business for a few years, can provide the agility, flexibility, and efficiency to accelerate your growth while empowering your customers’ digital transformation. can give you a competitive edge through automation. Want to know more? 
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