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4+1 Reasons To Offer a Cloud Backup Service Now!

Here are 4+1 reasons to offer your clients a Cloud Backup service:

  1. Market Growth According to Technavio, the global cloud backup and recovery software market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 13% from 2016-2020.* Additionally, Gartner predicts 18% growth in public cloud services in 2017. So this is a perfect timing for your cloud business to add a cloud backup and data protection service and take advantage of this potential business growth opportunity.
  2. Customer Loyalty As the cloud services industry evolves rapidly, so does the competition. Therefore, if your existing customers cannot purchase the cloud backup service they need from you, they will go to your competitor. To eliminate that risk, offer your customers a much anticipated backup solution and increase their loyalty to your cloud firm.


  1. Cost-Effective, Flexible, Easy-to-setup By offering a Cloud Backup solution, you skip the cost of purchasing and maintaining infrastructure and storage devices. Your cloud vendor bears the cost from day 1 and as your customers grow. In addition, you take advantage of pricing flexibility, as it is charged monthly and based on the storage you utilize, which allows predictable costs and simpler budgeting for your cloud business. On top of that, Cloud Backup is easy to setup, freeing your tech team from daunting administrative tasks in order to align them with your primary business goals.
  2. Address larger clients by offering Disaster Recovery Traditional Disaster Recovery plans are very expensive for Service Providers to offer because building a disaster recovery site requires a great deal of time and resources that most companies cannot afford to pay. By offering Cloud Backup services, you can increase your total addressable market by offering cloud Disaster Recovery plans to large companies or organizations, adding significant value to your services portfolio!
  3. Increase Revenue Did you know that 70% of small or medium businesses globally do not backup most of their data to an off-site location? That is a major opportunity emerging for your cloud business as there is a great need for cloud backup in the market and there are more than decent margins in cloud backup services, like Acronis Cloud Backup on Azure. Take the chance now and be the first to offer your end customers a service that will protect their physical, virtual, mobile, O365 mailbox and cloud data in the event of any disaster.

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*GLOBAL CLOUD BACKUP AND RECOVERY SOFTWARE MARKET 2016-2020, Technavio, January 26, 2016



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