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2020 Year In Review & What’s Coming In 2021

Companies are continuously looking for ways to increase their growth, improve their performance, cut down their costs and save valuable time. Automation plays a major role on all the above and can be adopted by all businesses regardless of their size. In 2020 we managed to achieve important milestones that enable automation processes for all service providers and cloud distributors. Here is a note from our CEO, Vassilis Zografos, on what we have achieved so far and what is coming in 2021.

Even though we couldn’t be together physically this New Year, the festive spirit stood strong in our hearts and souls. No one could have predicted the challenges that COVID-19 has brought into our lives. Shifting to remote work has been a major challenge for many companies and a huge transition for all employees. At we managed to address this challenge thanks to our core values that are part of our DNA and keeps going no matter what. However, I should mention that we really miss seeing each other and having fun at our Christmas parties.

Christmas parties at

Beyond our expectations

Teamwork has led us to huge milestones. We are happy to share some of our greatest milestones of 2020.

39 new hires, more than 110 employees

It was an unusual year, but we managed to onboard close to 40 new employees at our family. We know that a strong and diverse team is the most important factor to help us succeed and our hiring was intentionally conducted with bringing women on board.

€10M annual revenue

Our company increased its global revenue by more than 40% in FY2020. Thanks to our customers all over the world, we maintained a solid revenue growth and managed to strengthen a sustainable business model in a highly competitive industry despite the very abnormal year of 2020 due to the covid-19 situation. It is worth saying that we had over 6.500 transacting users for 2020, a significant increase from the previous year.

17 major milestones updates

2020 was a great year as we introduced several major products and updates:

  1. We welcomed Acunetix and Dropbox into our vendor automations portfolio.
  2. Also, when Google introduced Google Workspace as a replacement for G-Suite in October, we updated our platform with all the new plans.
  3. Our brand new Storefront is one of the biggest upgrades as it is now mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, and encompasses many advanced features.
  4. Moreover, the New Azure Plan integration lets our customers order and bill in a snap. Also, they have total control of their costs with our pricing calculator and budget alerts.
  5. Our Reporting tool became even better as it can automatically generate reports based on a predefined schedule that our customers set.
  6. Finally, through our new Reseller Dashboard, distributors gain access to valuable information such as historical costs, latest orders, expiring assets, subscription churn, and expiring subscriptions.

We always build products with our customers’ needs in mind. This is why it makes us really happy to share that more than 80% of our customers rate our automation platform with 9 out of 10 (a percentage that always puts smiles on our faces).

2020 Year in Review & What's coming in 2021 1

What’s coming to platform in 2021

As Roy T. Bennett said, every challenge — every adversity — contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth. Here are just some of our plans for 2021:

  1. We want to create the most compelling cloud commerce platform by removing the hassle of selling and managing cloud services to businesses. We have developed a strategic hiring plan for 2021 and we are aiming to hire 40 new i-workers who will form an integral part of our mission.
  2. We want to empower every IT organization to thrive in the cloud business. That’s why we are expanding into new markets across the world with our new Platform Standard Edition.
  3. We want to keep our clients satisfied. That’s why we have filled out our product roadmap with new updates, features, and integrations. Some of our major additions into our vendor portfolio will be Acronis extensions for IT Distributors, IBM, Adobe, Bitdefender, Bit titan, Vade Secure, Serveil, and many more.
  4. We want to help software vendors utilize our network of IT Distributors, MSPs, and Resellers by integrating Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace and enabling them to self onboard with our vendor portal.

2020 was a rollercoaster, but we grew. Here’s to 2021!



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