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2020 virtual summit press release


Take a step back, breath…and turbocharge your thinking for the post-Covid economy, by joining the 2020 Virtual Summit on May 20

Congratulations, you did it! If you’re reading this, you and your business have already survived the initial economic shock of Covid-19. Economic shocks don’t come much bigger: investment banks predict US GDP will fall by around 7% this year – and the eurozone by up to 10%. And, like the virus, the shock is indiscriminate: airlines are burning through billions in cash, while old-style home baking booms.

One thing is clear though: tech companies will be the winners – especially those, like CSPs, that can provide the infrastructure and collaborative tools for the post-Covid economy. As a successful player in the cloud ecosystem, you’ll likely have drawn the same conclusion – and be determined to capitalize on it. But what does the road ahead look like? And how can you navigate it when you’ve haven’t even had a minute to stand back, meet your peers, and think strategically?

Award winning CSP platform provider is leveraging its unique position at the heart of the cloud ecosystem to kick-start a dialogue that will enable you to do just that. An array of senior speakers will tackle the full range of topics on everyone’s mind. What’s more, they’ll signpost your way to success and growth in the new economy.

You’ll hear from C-suite executives on…

• How major tech players are adapting to win in tough times
• Why the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation of small and mid-size business
• How to reach more customers and close sales digitally – as customer experience and differentiation become critical
• How cybersecurity will move center stage, and how to assess if your web assets are safe
• How scenario planning can help you navigate and the “must do” actions you have to take

…leading experts on…

• How innovation and AI are leading the way – and raising their profile – in the fight against the pandemic
• The pillars that cloud partners must focus on to capitalize on the boom in virtual collaboration
• How hard-hit sectors like tourism can transform digitally to survive and even thrive
• The challenges of remote working: what are the best tools and how to stay productive
• How embracing paradoxes and contradictions can help us thrive and succeed

…and a range of speakers on other relevant topics.

The 2020 Virtual Summit runs live and non-stop between 12.00 and 20.00 (GMT+3) on May 20, 2020.

You can connect to the whole event, or just join for the topics pertinent to your business. It’s easy to register and free to attend. Can you afford not to be there?

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